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Using People Skills 360 In Your Organization

By completing our orientation to using the People Skills 360 multi-rater, you can start immediately integrating the People Skills 360 into leadership development experiences.

> Select all or part of the 54 EQ Competencies to be Rated

> Manage the administration and reporting at your convenience

> Confidential and secure administration and reporting

> $95 Per Administration

Getting Your Own People Skills 360 Report

Learning agile leaders take the initiative to find out how to enhance their effectiveness through the use of our People Skills 360 reports and interpretation services.

> Contact our office (336-774-0330) to arrange your confidential administration and reporting

> You may select from the 54 EQ Competencies on which you want ratings

> We will manage your individual experience and provide an interpretation of your result

> $95 Per Administration

Accessing Support Materials for People Skills 360

Utilizing specialized materials will augment your use of the People Skills > 360 Report for yourself and others.

> Select from key books that foster development

> Add the People Skills Card Deck to your coaching and training supplies

> Use the special diagnostic, career, and development maps to enrich development

> $95 Per Administration

Why choose People Skills 360

*for overnight book or international book requests additional shipping fees apply.

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Please complete the following form and submit to: peopleskills@leadership-systems.com. You will be notified of approval as well as given access to the administrator section.

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